Visual Artist. PhD Researcher

Pallavi Majumder is a painter and installation artist from Kolkata, India. At present, she is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest. Pallavi has presented her works in various National and International exhibitions and workshops in India, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, London, and Hungary. She was also selected for presenting her papers and works at an international Symposium “Sharing Borders” in London by the Slade School of Fine Arts, UCL in February 2019.
Her research basically deals with “unexplainable” states that we often experience yet fail to express. Her works aim to provide a “container” for the objectification of the un-explainable emotions or un-understandable situations that float but are also deeply rooted, that share the borders of the known and unknown, the relatable and un-relatable, the recognized and unrecognized, the visible and invisible. These states, which she remarks as “cledons” are mostly portrayed in her works that are not always necessary to be explained or understood but are somewhat to be solved.


The experience of space is not a privilege of the gifted few, but a biological function.

Every period has its own optical focus.

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy



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